Monday, May 26, 2014

Discovery: Technology and Planetariums

DISCOVERY: May  25,  2014.  A few weeks back, I had the opportunity to return back to my high school. Through my daughter's PTA, we arranged a trip for the elementary students to take advantage of our high school's own planetarium. While the trip may sound simplistic, it possesses a world of opportunity to view the sky in the comfort of our own school. Our district is lucky to have in it's possession one of the most advanced planetariums in the area. In fact, it's one of only two districts in the entire area to have a planetarium and observatory. The planetarium has changed since I walked the same halls over 18 years ago. The projector is a new state of the art projector which begins our journey from the school's football field to nearest planet and well beyond.

Technology through constant research and development has allowed students to see firsthand the wonders of our own solar system. Imagine what the planetarium may be like in the next 18-20 years. It's important for schools to be cognizant of these planetariums in the area. The technology is state of the art and more importantly, in line with curriculum. As schools enter further into the technology era, I feels its imperative that they consider planetariums into their budget and continue to maintain those that are luck to exist.

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  1. Mike this is excellent! I had no idea that there was a planetarium in Marlboro! How neat! I think it is great that your daughter has the opportunity to see the planets in this way! Technology can be so amazing!